Q 1. What if we have our own ideas about what we want?

If you have a design idea of your own I will try to accommodate you and will advise you of the cost.

Silver Hearts

Q 2. What if we want to change a colour of ribbon or want to add an embellishment?

With some of the Invitations it is possible to slightly alter the front.

However, the Design fronts determine the cost of the Invitations and some alterations may alter the cost.

Q 3. Can we have a discount for ordering 100 Invitations?

Discounts are not possible because every Invitation is handcrafted with the utmost care so it takes me 100 times longer to make 100 cards than to make 1!

I feel I offer excellent value for money. I prepare your art work and send mail proofs.

So - I'm afraid I am not able to offer a discount!

I have in the past had to rescue a couple of Brides when a larger firm had not delivered.

Q 4. How long will it take for my Invitations to be ready?

Depending on my workload, the intricacy of your Invitation it may be possible to complete your order in 1, 2 or 3 weeks.

I recommend that you send out your Invitations at least 3 months prior to the Wedding to give your guests plenty of notice so that they do not book holidays or such at this time.

It also gives you plenty of time to receive valuable  replies for catering numbers.

There are RSVP post cards in the packs or I supply Acceptance cards for your replies.

Q 5. Do you supply 'Order of Service' leaflets?

Yes, but I don't write the words of some hymns due to the copyright laws.

I print the Title, Author (where known) and the page number.

The front Design, where possible, will mimic the Design of your Invitations.

Most of my Clients arrange by phone or email to collect their Stationery so avoiding Postage costs.

If this is not suitable for you I will advise you of Postage costs on receiving your Stationery requirements.