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All examples of Invitations are worded using fictitious names, venues and contact information. Any similarity to living persons is purely coincidental.

There are 11 different examples from which to choose and should you wish to write your own wording please contact me.

(Order of Service & Wedding Programme - at foot of page)

Also, ask me about inserts to put in your Invitations if you would like your guests to give money instead of gifts.


Red ribbon hearts frame:

(Postcard size, approx)

14cm X 10.5cm insert costs

50 pence or included if in a Packet Invitation.

gift insert honeymoonThere is also a smaller insert requesting a gift of money.

It has a 'silver' frame and costs 20 pence. 10cm X 6.75cm



(1) Bride's Parents; Ceremony in Church with Reception elsewhere.


(2) Bride's Parents; Ceremony with Reception to follow


(3) Bride's Parents divorced/separated; Ceremony in church with Reception elsewhere


(4) Bride's Parents; Evening Reception


(5) Parents, Bride & Groom; Ceremony in Church with Reception elsewhere


(6) Parents, Bride & Groom; Evening Reception


(7) Bride & Groom; Ceremony in Church with Reception elsewhere



(8) Bride & Groom; Ceremony in Hotel with Reception to follow


(9) Bride & Groom; Evening Reception


(10) Parents; Civil Ceremony with Celebration to follow


(11) Couple; Civil Ceremony, Evening Celebration


Order of Service

Hand embossed

Available in white - £3 or cream £3.25

Each extra insert costs 20 pence

Because of the large number of pages (14) for a Roman Catholic Order of Service, these will cost £4 each.

Swallow OofS

Large card - 15cm x 21cm


Wedding Programme or Menu

Hand embossed

Available in white - £3.00 or cream £3.10

Each extra insert costs 10 pence

programme photo

Smaller than Order of Service 10.5 x 15cm

Example of wording of your choice for Wedding Programme

Wedding programme wording

I can also supply your Table Plans.

Blue org pink hot pink    

Royal Blue Table Plan A2 size ....Pink organza with copper butterflies.....Hot pink with applique butterflies

£60 with organza background and £50 with card, ribbon embellishments, except for Lymm Hotel which will be £40 only with card. (They have a small lecturn for display purposes)

£40 for MIRROR TABLE PLAN with a refundable cost of £50 on top = £90

mirror plan 1 mirror
Left, mirror with room reflected - Right, mirror with sheet behind

Also table numbers and menus and place settings are available, your choice of design and colour.

Table number sets