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There are 23 Designs to choose from.

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Invitations are all on good quality card.

Prices include printed inserts with your own choice of wording and appropriate envelopes.

The price for each Design is shown above its photograph.

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DESIGN Handmade Paper - £2.50

handmade paper

Purple handmade with silk threads. Clear acetate each side, Invitation on front and RSVP on reverse. Tied with purple ribbon.

DESIGN Ribbon and Paper Flowers - £2.30


10.5cm x 15cm

Purple ribbon with 3 handmade flowers each with a 'pearl' inset. Shades of flowers will vary.

DESIGN Hanging White Butterfly - £2.00

D66 blue ribbon

10.5cm x 15cm

3mm ribbon centre with butterfly attached. 2 heart gems. 'Wedding/Evening Invitation' at foot. Available in an assortment of colours.

DESIGN Hanging Butterfly Claret and Silver - £2.30

Design 66 claret

10.5cm x 15cm

3mm ribbon centre with butterfly attached. Second filigree butterfly over. 'Wedding/Evening Invitation' at foot. Ribbon and butterflies available in assorted colours.

DESIGN Ribbon Metal effects - £4.00

Design 89

10.5cm x 15cm

White, heavily beaded organza ribbon to left, Hand embossed flowers right, 'crystal' flower gem and 'Wedding Invitation' written centre. Available in purple gems and black and white £3 because the latter are hand stitched.

DESIGN Embossed Border - £2.50

D69c sparkle

10.5cm x 15 cm

Embossed tall scroll border left with ribbon and pearl. 'Wedding Invitation' written to centre right. Without ribbon cost will be £2.30

DESIGN Wedding Invitation Ribbon Left - £2.30

D2a Wed Inv repeated

10.5cm x 15cm

Silver sparkle ribbon to left with 3 pearls. 'Wedding Invitation' written all over front in silvery grey type.

DESIGN Evening Invitation Ribbon Left - £2.30

D2b Eve inv repeated

10.5cm x 15.2cm

Silver sparkle ribbon to left with 3 pearls. 'Evening Invitation' written all over front in silvery grey type.

DESIGN Pendant - £2.50

D88 flats

10.5cm x 15cm

Flat Invitation twice backed and having ribbon towards top with 'silver' and enamel heart attached. Colours of hearts are white (red insert), Butterscotch ( white insert) and red (pink insert). Many different pendants available. See below



DESIGN Film Roll - £2.40

satin bow ladder

10.5 cm x 15 cm

Ladder Invitation with ladder colour of your choice. Ribbon of your choice to the left. White bow top right

DESIGN Swallows with Ribbon - £2.50

Design 29a

10.5cm x 15cm

Embossed leaves and 2 swallows with Your Name & Your Wedding Date written on front. Ribbon of your choice to the left.


DESIGN Ribbon with Gems - £2.50

Design 55

10.5 x 15cm

Purple decorated ribbon, flowers embossed by hand with 1 acetate flower. 'Wedding/Evening Invitation' on front. Limited - 30 only then ribbon will vary.

DESIGN Floral embossing with Ribbon - £2.50

floral embossed

10.5 x 15cm

Floral embossed front with irridescent silver panel with ribbon of your choice and further floral panel.

DESIGN Heart Ribbon - £2.50

D91 heart ribbon

10.5 x 15cm

Red organza ribbon with attached hearts and 1 large 'velvet' heart.

DESIGN Shaped Save the Date with Ribbon - £2.50

save the date

10.5 x 15.2cm

Shaped 'Save The Date' with Ribbon of your choice and 3 gems or pearls

DESIGN Ribbon tree - £2.75

ribbon tree

13 x 13cm

Scalloped card with ribbon threaded through, colours of your choice.

DESIGN 3 hanging feathers- £2.00

3 feathers

13 x 13cm

3 hanging feathers, random colours, with 'Wedding Invitation' written to the left.

DESIGN 4 pack with ribbon - £2.50

turquoise pack

10.5 x 15cm

4 Pack with: Invitation; returnable RSVP; gift poem, accommodation. Bordered and tied with your choice of coloured ribbon

DESIGN Bookmark Invitations with ribbons - £1.50

bookmark wedding

7 cm x 15 cm

Filigree edged Wedding Invitations with Mr & Mrs to top and tied with your choice of ribbon

DESIGN 4 pack - £3.50

crystal pack

10.5 cm x 15 cm

4 pack includes: Invitation; returnable RSVP; accommodation and gift poem. Bordered and tied with teal ribbon with 8 'crystals'.

DESIGN Heart with Heart Buttons - £2.50

fold heart

10.5 cm x 15 cm

Folded front with large heart and 2 wooden buttons with pearls. 2 ribbon tails. Colours of your choice.

DESIGN Lace and Pearls - £3.50

DESIGN Shaped Evening Invitations - £2.50


Mixture of Shaped Evening Invitations and lace Wedding Invitations.

DESIGN filigree heart with ribbon and flower - £2.75filigree heart

13 cm x 13 cm

Filigree heart in your colour choice, with ribbon of your choice and a filigree layered flower in the centre.


cheque book

10.5 cm x 15 cm

Cheque Book design with ribbon left and pearls or crystals. Ribbon colour of your choice. It has 4 pages: Invitation; RSVP with return address on reverse; Accommodation and Gift Poem.