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There are 16 Designs to choose from.

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Invitations are all on good quality card.

Prices include printed inserts with your own choice of wording and white envelopes.

The price for each Design is shown above its photograph.

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DESIGN 60 - £2.50


10.5 x 15cm

1 hand embossed, large heart & 2 'ruby' gems. Your names and Wedding date on the front.

DESIGN 76a - £2.50

Summer flowers

summer flowers named

10.5 x 15cm

Hand embossed summer flowers with Your names and Wedding written date on front in grey. Written in black here that you may better see the words.

DESIGN 17a - £2.00

Design 17a

10.5 x 15cm

1 mauve minilope with small heart and insert with Your names and 'Wedding Invitation'.

DESIGN 17b - £2.30

d17b gold env

10.5 x 15cm

1 handmade minilope with bow or geml and heart punched insert with Your names and 'Evening Invitation'. 'Celebrate our Wedding' written on front. Available in different colours.

DESIGN 12 - £2.30

Design 12

10.5 x 15cm

Embossed hearts with your names and 'Wedding Invitation' written on front

DESIGN 49 - £2.30

Design 49 enamel

10.5 x 15cm

Hand embossed small heart with enamel heart attached. Colours of hearts are white (red insert); butterscotch (white insert); red (pink insert).

Many different designs of enamel heart 'silver' edged. Ask me.

DESIGN 29A - £2.50

Design 29a

10.5 x 15cm

Embossed swallow design with Your Names and Wedding Date on front. Available in choice of ribbon colour.

DESIGN 28a - £2.30


10.5 x 15cm

Embossed paisley design with your names & wedding date

DESIGN VIN2 - £3.00

Small cameo

15 x 10.5cm

Black & metallic gold with cameo. Your Names centre & 'Wedding/Evening Invitation' written to the side. Or as it is if you prefer.

Design 57 - £2.00

lace square

10.5 x 11cm

'Photo frame' of graphic lace with pale pink background (static colour) and pearl at each corner. 'Wedding/Evening Invitation' written in centre. Your Names also if wished.

DESIGN 88 - £2.50

D88 flat

10.5 x 13cm

Flat Invitation twice backed with ribbon top with 'silver' and enamel heart attached. Colours of hearts are white (red insert), Butterscotch ( white insert) and red (pink insert). Also manydifferent enamel 'silver' hearts. Ask me

DESIGN 69d - £2.30


10.5 x 15cm

Floral border left and foot with your names and Wedding date to right.

DESIGN 68B - £2.30

D68b square border

10.5 x 15cm

Squared floral border left with your names and Wedding date centered. Also with just 'Wedding/Evening Invitation' written across centre

DESIGN 40 - £3.50

D40 tissue heart

10.5 x 15cm

Embossed heart with tissue paper insert. Your choice of tissue paper colour. Your names printed to top and Wedding date at foot.

DESIGN 47 - £2.30

heart of hearts

10.5 x 15cm

Hand embossed heart of hearts Invitation with your names on the front

DESIGN VIN14 - £3.50

2.5 pearl lace

10.5 x 15cm

Cream textured fold up card with white lace, pearls across, "Wedding Invitation" names of Bride & Groom and Wedding Date.